In a society where media is so loud and bold about what “beauty” should look like and where “worth” is determined by status, material possessions, popularity; we find many young women struggling with knowing their identity, knowing their worth and their purpose. Feelings of failure and insecurities set in when those standards aren’t met. Those standards which are unrealistic, photo-shopped, edited, auto-tuned…you get me? Would you determine your worth by comparing yourself to someone else? Would you allow someone’s opinion to determine your value? There is only ONE of you! Therefore YOUR life is valuable. Why try to live the life of someone else? So, let’s get back to the basics…
We turn to God’s Word. We turn to the Creator of beauty, of worth and of purpose. As 1 Peter 3:3-4 says, true beauty comes from within. True beauty is unfading. True beauty is worth much and valued by God. Getting your nails done and hair did is icing on the cake.
Pastor Chuck Smith shares the following on beauty: “True beauty is the beauty of the heart. Seek to develop that inward beauty. If you would spend as much time seeking to develop your inward beauty as you spend trying to develop your outward beauty, you would have much greater benefits…Inward beauty results in outward beauty. A life lived in purity and holiness leaves the marks of beauty on a person’s countenance. True beauty is in the heart and the character of an individual.”
Spending time in God’s word will allow His truth to renew our minds about our identity and worth, and will also refresh our hearts. There’s nothing wrong with fashion and keeping up with the latest trends as long as we know that these “things” aren’t what define us or determine our value.

What are some ways you can develop and nurture your spirit?