Taken by Mr. Handsome

Every girl needs a girl’s day or night out with her besties! And that’s exactly why my friends and I planned a day just for us, the girls. No husband, no fiancé, boyfriend or brothers allowed that day 😀

My friend Ambar got us tickets to go on a gondola ride in Newport Beach. We planned the trip and we all carpooled to the place. On our way there, the radio was blasting, and as it was expected of us four, we were dancing and singing our hearts out as we usually do when we hear a song we like. We finally got to the place and we checked in to get our reserved gondola. The guy in the office said: “Wait here for the person who’s gonna take you girls on the gondola ride!” We patiently waited for the person.

As our gondola expert came up to us and introduced himself, I couldn’t help to notice how good looking he was. I shook his hand as he flashed me with a Colgate smile. Needless to say, I blushed, and my friends knew it! But little did I know that I was about to learn an important lesson. “Do NOT judge a book by its cover” or in this case, by its looks.

We walked a short distance and we hopped on the small, but cute gondola.  The four of us, best of friends, drinking apple cider, eating cheese and crackers and being rowed rowed on our boat by a handsome young man. I wish I could say all we did was sit there and enjoy the ride, but no! We had to talk! And of course I started commenting on how beautiful the view was, but I wasn’t talking about the actual view. I was referring to our gondola guy but to play it safe I was saying it in Spanish. As the only 2 single girls on the gondola, Beatriz and I were giggling and teasing each other about what to ask the cute guy next. Our other two friends just rolled their eyes and laughed as we talked in Spanish so that the guy wouldn’t understand us. He was white! Ok, let’s be politically correct, he was Caucasian. A gringo, and where I’m from, gringos only speak English.

It was a fun gondola ride. The crackers and cheese didn’t last long, but the jokes and comments about the gringo kept coming. In Spanish of course, we wouldn’t want him to know we were talking about him! Boy, were we wrong! I’m not sure at what point one of the girls asked what else he did for living and he responded: “I’m an English teacher in Mexico City.” My face was puzzled as I asked him if he knew a little bit of Spanish. He responded yes and as a matter of fact he was engaged to a Mexican lady and was about to propose to her in her native language, Spanish. Our jaws dropped, well… mine did! We realized at that moment that he had understood everything we had said about him in Spanish. I was like: “Tragame tierra!!!” That means “Please ground, open up and swallow me whole because I am so embarrassed right now!”  All I wanted to do at that moment was to jump off and swim back to the dock.

I had judged this guy based on his looks. I assumed he wouldn’t understand what we were saying only because he was a white boy. That was the day I learned that I have to open the book first, read it and then come up with my own conclusion. Never assume anything; we know what that makes out of us!

Next time I go out with my friends, I will stick to enjoying the ride and singing my little heart out as the wind blows through the window.

Have you had a funny and/or embarrassing moment? Please share! Happy Friday ;D

Susie Q.