Hey! What do you have going on this weekend? Whether you’re staying in or going OUT, remember that if you plan ahead, you’ll have a good time, there’s no DOUBT!
Get off that chair and go check out the L.A. County Fair! From August 31st to Sept 30th the doors will be opened for you and your family to go and have a great time. It will cost you more than a dime but I guarantee your kids faces will shine.

I heard the fair is celebrating its 90th year anniversary this year, so you better be sure that they will have some major surprises. And hey! You can even win some prizes! That’s why I think my friends and I are going to stop by to see what they got, with all their delicious foods they have to offer such as deep fried twinkies, cotton candy, FUNNEL CAKES! YES! And all those dipped in chocolate goodies… But ok, if you’re into healthy foods and stuff like that don’t worry they’ll have salads, smoothies and yogurt too. I might have a funnel cake or two.

I’m not just all about the food though. I know what you’re thinking already, “this girl is always talking about food.” Well, it depends on my mood =P

Entertainment is also at the top of my list. For this reason, I will definitely enjoy the concerts more than the feast. If you never heard of the band “THE WANTED” A British boy band, you should check them out! They will be there along with a lineup of great artists. From Country music to Chaka Khan, to some guy named “Ramon Ayala y sus bravos del Norte” Ha! What an awesome name! But no, really, they will have music for every taste, so come on down to the fair this weekend, do not hesitate and let your time go to waste.

For more info on the L.A. County Fair check out their site at www.lacountyfair.com. And if you’ve been to the fair before, what are some of the things we must try? Please share ;D

That’s my buzz for this weekend!

-Susie Q.