TGIFFA! Thank God is Finally Friday Again! Why do we get so happy is Friday? 😀 Well, if you’re like me and have weekends off (Saturday and Sunday) then heck yes! It is a good enough reason to get happy!
The sad news is that Summer is almost over! Nooo! Oh well. Fall and Winter are awesome too.

But hey what better way to kiss the Summer goodbye than spending it outdoors, with friends, a picnic basket full of goodies,  and great music? And if that wasn’t good enough, end the night watching a movie.
But hey I’m not talking about doing this in your backyard or at the park. I’m talking to you about going this weekend to the “Street Food Cinema” at the Exposition Park in Los Angeles.
This is one of the coolest events happening in the Summer time.

Who hasn’t heard of Kogi BBQ? It’s gourmet tacos on wheels. Yes people, Food Trucks have become the hottest new trend rolling around the city, literally. And you better believe that all these different food trucks will be present in this cool event.

So hey come on down to 700 Exposition Park Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90037. This is where it all goes down. From 5:30 pm to 10pm with an entrance fee of only 10 bucks. Not bad for the great time that you’ll have with family or friends.

And hey I’m all about music too and I’m all about supporting our local bands and if you come down to the park you can enjoy live music from some emerging Los Angeles artists.

This was my buzz for the weekend. You all have a good one and don’t forget your blanket!

Susie Q.