Good morning everybody! I hope you all had a good week. Let me share with you that thank God I’ve had quite a productive and pretty good week.

I had a good Monday, went to lunch with a friend and ended up stuffing ourselves with Mexican food after we learned that they were going to close the buffet area. We filled up our plates and we ate so much that I regret it the next day. Tuesday morning came and I woke up early. I had to get ready to go to this Nomination Conference for the Latin Grammy. I work in Music Entertainment and my colleage and mentor Henry invited me to be a part of this awesome event. As i was getting ready for that special event, I remembered the 3 enchiladas I had eaten the day before and I decided to wear a loose dress. I wore this mustard color dress that I purchased at Ross(one of my favorite stores) You won’t believe the things I find at that store! Great deals! Anyways, I had to drive all the way to downtown Los Angeles and if you have ever driven to LA you know you must leave your house early to beat traffic. I left my house an hour and a half before the time of the event, I thought to myself :”that should be enough time!” Yeah right! As I got on the 5 freeway I read the sigh that said “40 minutes to Downtown” thinking it would be a good idea to take the streets i took the first exit and began to fight my way thru the traffic on the streets and the endless RED lights. I arrived 30 minutes later than expected. The conference was awesome! They announced the nominees for the Latin Grammy and I was happy to hear some of my favorites got nominated. My associate and I had to Tweet out the names and congratulate some of the nominees. It was a great experience overall. When I was driving home, traffic free, I thought what it will be like this weekend when they close down 10 miles of the 405 freeway and “Carmageddon II” takes over the city.

That’s right, this weekend, a 10-mile stretch of heavily trafficked Interstate 405 in Los Angeles will be shut down for two days to demolish part of the Mulholland Drive bridge. What does that mean for us Angelenos? It just means that there will be more traffic than usual because the people who usually use the 405 freeway will be using all the other freeways. The authorities are recommending to stay local this weekend, in other words try to plan your weekend doing activities around your town. Perhaps check out that local restaurant you haven’t checked out because you always choose to go to the other side of the city to a hipper place. I’m just saying, to avoid headaches and long hours stuck in any of the other freeway you should stay local. And if you must go out, plan and find alternate routes. Carpool with someone or take the metro.

My friends and I will be celebrating our friend Ambar’s birthday tonight. We decided to celebrate before the weekend comes and we find ourselves fighting all the other thousands of cars. We will be going to The Grove, one of the coolest spots in town. We love our city and we love to do things that our city has to offer.  We will be there with friends and loved ones celebrating life, celebrating friendship and celebrating one more year of life that God gave our beautiful friend Ambar.

Have a good weekend! Remember to stay away from Carmageddon and enjoy your time spent with friends and family.