Lets talk about lipstick girls, a way of expressing yourself, showing how your feeling that day and what style you want to accomplish.

Im huge on lipsticks. Hace unos años cuando estaba “mas jovencita” 😉 pensaba que eran solo la gente mayor, pero creo unos dos años atras los labiales se han hecho mas populares entre las jóvenes. I would say that my signature lipstick is provably the red, and i think that’s because i’ve always liked the retro looks. The cool thing about lipsticks is that with so many shades you can change your look all the time. Si son como yo, se aburen de andar igual siempre y andan buscando nuevos estillos para mirarse diferente.

So today i wanted to share with you girls two videos of fashion gurus on youtube i follow with ideas for this fall for makeup and the drugstore lipstick (because girls we are not made of money) lol

So in these videos you’ll see the that the dark berry lipstick is in for the fall and i can’t wait to try to pull of that look. So hope to see you all will fun bold lips.

Take Care amores.. Dios les bendiga

-Beatriz 🙂