Happy weekend friends! Todays fashion of the week is a little different, instead of sharing a look i will share a verse and share how i think the verse can relate to our fashion.

So lets get right into this,

2 Corintios 5:17 – De modo que si alguno esta en Cristo, nueva criatura es; las cosas viejas pasaron; he aqui todas son hechas nuevas.

Que significa esto para mi? This means to me that because we have Christ in our heart, we are different. We leave behind the person that we were and become new in him. We must find our identity in Christ. When we dress it reflects who we are, our personality. Now while we our walking through this earth, what is our mission? Ay que ser luz entre las tinieblas. If we are going to light the way and represent Christ, we must also dress in a way that reflects that. Now I’m not saying we cannot look cute or pretty. Remember our body is our temple, so of course we must also take care of ourselves. Lets just keep in mind also before we leave the house who is it that we say we represent and am i being the new person Christ has formed in me.

Some days are harder than other but never lose your vision and remember we are his children. Somos hijos e hijas de un Rey todo poderoso.

GBU – Beatriz 🙂