Hi Chicas! Well this week my nails are a wreck! So if you girls are like me you are always looking for new trends because you get bored of the same thing.

Well here are some ideas I found for fall and winter nails.

1) The half moon nails. This is the look that i’m going to try to do this weekend! At Walmart, Walgreens, CVS.. you can find stickers to help you get a curve line for manicures, this would be perfect for this look.

2)Natural nails, this is a simple look that makes you look effortlessly polished.

3)Dark nails, whether it be dark red, dark blue, dark green or gray, dark nails are all over the runway. Plus dark nails automatically say winter to me.

4) Ombre nails. Ombre was popular in hair and clothes, so why would we ever doubt that this trend was also going to be popular for nails. It a look that i’ve seen my friends pull off and I love it.

5)Velvet nails. Now if you really want to be fashion forward you should try velvet nails. Velvet wasn’t only seen on clothes on the runway but also on nails. Sephora has a set for velvet nails which is worth a try.

Well hope these ideas helped you girls. Till next time. Have a great week. And remember you are awesome because the Lord says you are 😉