Today I am blessed to share this page with a dear friend – Lawann Randall. Her Story has been a constant reminder to me of how GREAT God is and of the BEAUTIFUL work he does in people’s lives.

Lets walk in her shoes…

I came to know Christ through a life of molestation, drug addiction, homosexuality, prostitution, rejection, hurt, disappointments, helplessness and hopelessness and the list goes on. Going through these destructive emotions and behaviors showed me that I needed a miracle to change or I would die in my misery. I needed something or someone more powerful, because the mess I had created, I couldn’t change it on my own. My life was out of control. I had gotten to the point where I was convinced no one as messed up as I was, deserved to live. I gave up all hope of being a normal person again. So I got as high as I could, falling deeper into my addiction, not realizing that I was committing suicide without even knowing it. Family members turned their backs on me. I felt worthless. While in the county jail on my way back to prison AGAIN!!! my sister told me about Jesus and how he could change my life. She led me to Jesus over the phone. It has been sixteen years now and the best years of my life.
The most amazing part of my salvation is, knowing that all things are made new when I accepted Christ into my heart.

The scripture in Romans 12:2 says

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is his good pleasing and perfect will.

Before I came to Christ I lived by the standards of this world. God gave me the wisdom to make right choices according to His word. I have a new heart, soul and mind. He brought me from a drug addict mother to a loving and caring one. He taught me how to be the daughter, sister, friend and mother he created me to be.

I’ve learned that there are so many hurting people in this world, people who were just like I was. They are looking for answers to their problems a cure for their addictions. They are looking for love, someone to care about what happens to them, someone to love them despite their faults and shortcomings, someone who won’t judge them because of their past, someone who will love them for who they are. When I meet people, I try to remember that almost everyone has been hurt some time or another in their lives. They may be living lives of hopelessness and they need God. I share God’s love and remember where my life was before I came to God. That’s what God saved me for!

After serving God for a few years after, I found out that there was more to serving God than just saying a prayer, going to church; dressing nice, and saying, “God bless you” to everyone I met. I never thought about why I ended up the way I did until I took a 12 steps class in my church. Why was I a drug addict? A homosexual, a prostitute? Why did I give up on life? Now I was cleaned up on the outside but the most important thing God wanted to do was clean up the inside, my heart, soul, and mind. This had to happen in order for me to be able to overcome my struggles and insecurities. Struggles and insecurities not dealt with from my past would eventually destroy my salvation if they weren’t dealt with.

When I first read the scripture in Psalm 147: 3

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds

That’s when I knew this was possible with God and he would give me the victory. In Christ I am an over-comer, victorious, forgiven, excepted, healed, confident, joyful, loved, Holy, and worthy. I can identify myself with Christ. So the value of knowing who I am in Christ helps me to understand that I am a child of God. I don’t belong to this world, I am set apart. I can overcome sin, death and fear. God sent his son so I can spend eternity with him. In the world, there is hopelessness, but in Christ there is hope in every situation in life. In Christ I am respected and loved. I am very valuable to society but most of all to God. I am no longer a victim but victorious. It is of great value to know that!

-Lawann Randall

I invite you back next week as we show Lawann’s Documentary and walk with her through her journey from the streets to the altar 😉

In the mean time, check out Lawann’s Drab to Fab page on Facebook and get tips on Fashion!