Chicas, hoping you all had an awesome weekend 🙂 and hoping you all were able to get your praising on for the Lord. So today i’m sharing a celebrity look and showing you places where you purchase these similar items for an affordable price.

Olivia Palermo is know for her awesome style and this look is a simple everyday look for these coming chilly days.

IMG_2617Im loving this bright yellow coat, it’s sunshine on a cloudy day 🙂

IMG_2626Check this out! You can get this look in old for a great price 🙂 is a website were you can find the latest trends at a good price.

IMG_2629These loafers are also from

Well every week i’m trying to bring new ideas for all of you and hope you guys are liking them 🙂

Have a blessed week and remember life is a gift. Tomorrow when you wake up take time in the morning to see your surroundings, breath in and see the all beautiful things the Lord has given you and be happy and pleased with how faithful he has been in your life.