Walt Disney

So here we are, only 5 days away from saying Goodbye to 2012 and Hello 2013!! Some of us are still enjoying the holiday vacation with friends and family while others had to get back to the grind but either way, we all tend to find time to stop and analyze our 2012 and figure out how we want to receive 2013.

What have been some of your accomplishments?

What has been most memorable?

What has been your biggest lesson?

As I analyze my 2012, some of the accomplishments I’m most proud of are being part of this blog and having a space to share my thoughts and heart, giving voice lessons and being a positive influence to young girls, and getting back to music through singing and writing.

My most memorable moment has been by far getting engaged on June 9th to my best friend, partner in crime, #1 Fan Robert Marquez.

My biggest lesson was learning to let go of things really close to my heart and trusting God with them.

How do you plan on receiving 2013?

What are some of your goals and aspirations?

2013 writes a new chapter in my life! Marriage. Ministry. Family. Advice WANTED! And recipes hehe

Continue to walk with God and allow Him to give you that life that is above anything you can imagine!

He is able