Happy 2013 everyone! I hope these first two days of the New Year have been fabulous for you! I briefly shared last week about taking time to analyze what your goals and dreams are for this year. I know I have a few things I really want to dedicate time to this year. So how do I go about accomplishing these goals?

We need to speak (and write) these goals and dreams into existence!

Why is writing down our goals important? Because it takes that idea and sets it into action. Also, they increase our commitment toward what we have decided to do.

Goals are clear, specific, and have a deadline. This helps us stay focused =)

Here are a few tools online I ran into that YOU may use to track your goals!

1. Goalmigo
Goalmigo lets you set short- and long-term goals, share them with friends, family and the Goalmigo community and track your progress along the way. You’ll also find forums where community members with similar goals can connect and share tips.

2. Joe’s Goals
If you’re looking for a simple goal-tracking tool without all of the bells and whistles and community features, Joe’s Goals may be the perfect choice. Users consistently give it high marks for simplicity and functionality.

3. Disciplanner
Disciplanner is specifically geared to help you track long-term goals with once-a-week check-ins and a system that allows you to set goals, create exercises to help you work toward that goal and tools to track your progress. – Tips from Simplemom.net

set and reach goal concept

The year has just begun, so lets get to writing!

❤ Cirene