Chicas it’s Saturday! Time to get doll’ed up and have a fun night with your girls. 🙂 During the week I like to wear very little makeup because I am a fan of my beauty sleep and don’t like getting up super early to do a full face. So I keep it fresh, simple, and pretty. But Saturday night requires a little more “Glam”.

So today I’m bringing you a few of my favorite youtube looks that I’ve tried and absolutely love!


This video is from  CarliBel55. I think it’s awesome that she always tries to start her videos with a positive message. Even though this look says fall it is so fun that I wanted to try it now. I did this look with similar colors I had and received many compliments that day. 🙂


This video is from MsRoshPosh. I recently started seeing her makeup looks, but this one is my favorite. I also already tried this one, but didn’t use a lipstick as bright. I love the pink lipstick but I went a shade lighter.


This one is another one from CarliBell55. This one I have not tried yet, but will be trying this today for a dinner with my girls. 🙂

I know all these looks are bright and I think they are fun for girls night outs. If you guys want more natural looks let me know and I will do my research.

Hermosas tengan un buen fin, se les quiere

Numeros 6:24,25 Jehova te bendiga, y te guarde; Jehova haga resplandecer su rostro sobre ti, y tenga de ti misericordia