Isha Live. This Sunday. Don't Miss it!

Hey ladies and gents! This coming Sunday the Isha team will be teaming up with other amazing and talented people to bring you music, talk, news, entertainment, special guests and much more. All of these through the waves of UTS Radio! What’s UTS? UnTapped Sessions. We will be playing awesome, fresh and cool music for you and If you have a special request feel free to give us a call and we will make sure we add it to our playlist. The girls decided to keep the name “Cafe Con Leche” as the name of our show 😀 and let me tell you that we will be doing just that… Drininkin our cafecito and chatting the night away as we also enjoy some music by our favorite artists and friends. Stay Tune for more info! 😉 We will post the website on our facebook page so make sure to go ahead and “like” us there too. Have a great and blessed Friday!