This Sunday our friend Cirene Mercado will be releasing her album entitled “Gigante”. There will be 2 releases but one of them will take place in the beautiful city of Sant Barbara at the home church of our awesome pastors Mike and Lily Montano. Their church “Word Of Life Santa Barbara” is opening its doors so that together we can come as one and worship the King as we enjoy the fresh and innovative music of fellow Isha Cirene Mercado and her band. Some of our Isha members will be there to support and at the same time we will stroll down the street to shop and dine in some of the local places. So now you know, this Sunday the 17th if you happen to be in Santa Barbara (hehe 😀 ) come to 210 W. Carrillo st. Santa Barbara, CA and fellowship with the loving family of Word Of Life and get to be a part of Gigante’s Cirene Mercado’s CD RELEASE.

Happy Friday!!!

Susie Q.