Skid Row Angels

When I came up with this title I thought of 2 things, the homeless living in Skid Row in downtown L.A. and I thought of the awesome volunteers from Monday Night Mission. These people donate their time every night Monday- Friday to go feed who they call their “Skid Row Family” . They are down there rain(literally) or shine, with 50 people or 5 people. They stop at nothing to go and feed a group of about 200 to 350 per night. These are the homeless who wait outside the missions because they didn’t make it in on time and thus they will have to spend yet another night out in the cold, scary and lonely streets of L.A.
But Monday Night Mission is there to bring them a hot plate of food, love and hope. The FB page of MNM invites all the “Angelenos” every day to join them as they will go and feed their skid row family. Every time I read that I think of Angels going and responding to the call. When you get a chance please go check out their page and “Like” them, spread the word and share it with everybody. This is the only way we can bring awareness to others about what’s going on in our backyard and how women, children and disabled men are sleeping on the side of the road and only a few are doing something about it. Come on, get up and join the fight one of these nights and come be a part of Monda Night Mission. Be one more of the Skid Row Angels.

For more info on this great organization email
God Bless.

❤ Susie Q.