978-0-8423-5632-9April has arrived along with its fresh breeze, warm sunlight and blooming flowers. I love this season because the weather lures us out to the parks, beaches and long walks! As I enjoy my Spring Break I picked up the book “A Lineage of Grace – Five stories of unlikely women who changed eternity” written by Francine Rivers. If you are a book lover (like me), you’ll LOVE this one! I haven’t been able to put this book down! Whether I take my nephew to the park, the library or just babysitting at home, this book is at the tip of my fingers!

Francine Rivers has such a creative and skillful way of bringing these stories to life through her words. She takes you right beside her characters, close enough to hear their whispers, catch the same breeze, and feel the same emotion.

Although it is a novel, they are based off of the original stories found in the Bible. Francine creates the ambiance, supporting characters and plot that only enhances our understanding of the times and creates a picture that allows us to meet these women in their journey.

The five stories are:

Unveiled: The story of Tamar
Dedicated to those who have been abused and used and yearn for justice.

Unashamed: The story of Rahab
Dedicated to women who think a past of mistakes ruins any chance of a joy-filled future.

Unshaken: The story of Ruth (My favorite!)
Learn about the power of commitment, faithfulness and testimony.

Unspoken: The story of Bathsheba
Dedicated to women who feel they’ve lost their reputation forever. God can make beauty from ashes.

Unafraid: The story of Mary the Mother of Jesus
Dedicated to women of faith.

If you have any favorites, please share!