Hola Hermosas! Ya me hacia falta hablar con ustedes. Have you ever asked yourself if you can wear a certain trend being a Christian? As christians we all know that the bible states that we have dress modest and some fashions that come our way aren’t exactly modest. So what do you do? You have to know how to use the trends that come your way. I think the key to these trends is to keep it classy. Now this is my opinion and any of you have the right to think differently.

Here are some “Don’ts”. The way the crop tops were styled in these following photos I would try to stay away from.


Here are some “Do’s”

This is the way should give crop tops a chance in your wardrobe.

Do'sDO2So at the end i feel that there is no law that we cannot use a certain trend, we just have to know to know how wear it. Be fashionable, be beautiful and be you!

God bless, have a beautiful week