pink gas pumpHey ladies, If you’re like me and drive all over the place and you’re constantly having to find a gas station to fill up, then read these gas saving tips that will ensure you get more mileage out of every tank. Don’t let the sky rocket high gas prices stop you from going to where you need to go.

• A warm engine is more effective, so string errands together by driving to the farthest destination first, which will get the block heated up, and then working your way home.

• On local roads, keep cool by opening the windows, enjoying the breeze, and turning off the gas-draining air conditioning. At highway speeds, however, driving with the windows down creates drag. So at 40mph or faster, toll up the windows and put on the AC.

• Notice to hoarders: You don’t need to lug around a case of oil, a bag of sand, or that box of antique tools you got at the garage sale, right? So empty the trunk, less weight, better mileage.

• At the pump, avoid gas rated E15; the E is for ethanol, which has about 30 percent less energy than gasoline and kills mpg(Ethanol-free gas is rare today; you’ll probably have to settle for E10.)

• Avoid traffic pinch points when you can. Driving at speed is more fuel efficient than creeping along in low gear.

• While at the gas station, inflate your tires properly and check them for uneven wear. And steer clear of those stickier, wider performance tires, which increase road friction and can sap mileage per gallon. Instead, opt for eco focused tires, which reduce rolling resistance.

• Finally, get a tune-up; a smooth-running engine is more efficient.

Follow these tips and you can save yourself some extra cash.

Another tip for the ladies and this one is a personal one. When you need to put gas and you find yourself at an unknown city or isolated gas station, I would recommend drive to the next gas station where you see more people. Especially when driving at night or by yourself. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Have a safe weekend!

❤ Susie Q.