Girls summer is around the corner and Cali has been crazy hot so it’s time for the beach and pools. For all of you that like to look great at all time, even in the pool, I bring some drugstore makeup that you can wear without worrying if it’s going to be all over the place at the end of the day.

Maybe many of you don’t like wearing eyeliner for the pool and might think it’s a bit much but I look weird without it so this is what I use









It’s pretty inexpensive, but I wouldn’t wear this on a daily basis because it dries stiff and is hard to remove.







I’m a total fan of the Maybelline waterproof mascara’s, but my tip would be to not put on your lower lash when you go to a pool or beach









Cream shadows are quick and easy to apply and this maybelline line has great natural colors because you do not want to look over done.









BB Creams are popular right now it looks natural and is great for the summer. They’re light and just evens your skin tone.









Cream Blushes depends your skin but is a perfect way to look naturally flush or just to add a little color to your cheeks









When you’re in the pool all you need is a little color on the lips and a lip stain isn’t going anywhere. Maybeline also has lipstains but if you want to try the concept to make sure you like it go for the NYC which is a cheaper version. Now these lipstains are not moisturizing, so if you want something moisturizing for your lips try the balmstain, but these are transferable










So whether you want to do a full face or just use a few products I hope you girls find some of these products useful for pool party’s, beach days..

Have a great, beautiful summer

– Beatriz