Summer is here it is time to let your hair down and make some waves in your hair. A summer trend for the hair is beach waves.

Ambar, una de las chicas Isha le encanta andar el pelo asi.. y se le ve super bien.

ambarhairI also wear my hair with these waves but still keep my bangs straight. It’s a fun look! You will get complimented and asked how to style it this way.myhair

So how do you do these waves? Well I own the bed head deep waver.

bedheaddeepwaver1) Start by spraying your hair with a heat protector (TRESemme Thermal Creations)

2) Section your hair. You want to start with the lower section

3) Grab a two-inch section and start waving from top to bottom, make sure to start the next wave where the first one ends.

For a clear tutorial check out this one from one of the beauty guru’s I follow on YouTube Nicole Guerriero. There are several videos on YouTube for this but I really like her beauty videos.

Hope you guys try this hair style. Have a blessed week and even if times seem hard, stay strong and don’t lose faith because his plans are good and to prosper us.