Shout out to all the graduating CLASS OF 2013! WOW! You did it! I know it wasn’t easy. It was a roller-coaster kinda ride, with ups and downs BUT…roller-coasters are FUN nonetheless!

Freshman Year: Like waiting in line to get on the ride. You’re nervous yet anxious.

Sophomore Year: Like the first 30 seconds…you’re comfortable, not that bad.

Junior Year: Brace yourself! You had no idea that mega drop, twist and turn was at the turn of the corner!

Senior Year: Pheww! You made it passed it all. Your throat is sore and your voice is gone from all the screaming but it was worth the ride!

You now walk away with all your friends laughing and sharing about how great that ride was and how next time, you will keep your hands in the air for the whole ride!

At least, that’s how I picture it in my minds eye ;D I am a proud graduate of CLASS OF 2000! WORD! (oh come on now, stop clownin on how old I am!)

Life is beautiful…when you place God first! So, I’d like to encourage you with this verse: Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember your Creator in the days of your youth…

The rest of your life is before you. You’re future may seem uncertain right now, but if you place your life in the hands of God, He will guide your every step. The key is putting Him first. Seeking Him daily through his Word and in prayer, and don’t stop serving. Find ways to get involved and help others.


College, Career and Life is yet another roller-coaster but they’re also FUN, so put your hands in the air and enjoy the ride!


❤ Cirene