The reason behind my title is because this is how I have been feeling lately about celebrities. After watching the infamous Miley Cyrus’ performance at this year’s VMA, all I can feel for her is compassion. From a “Christian” point of view I felt insulted and bothered at the fact that they would even allow such a graphic and tasteless performance to be aired. Then again, it’s MTV, so anything goes. This is how I was feeling, but then, it hit me. This young girl is just another girl who is crying out for help. Meanwhile we sit there and criticize her for her actions, but we really don’t know what’s going on in her life. We are quick to judge and point fingers but we don’t stop to think that people like Miley are there because we helped them get there. We live in a society where gossip and controversy is the daily bread. We love to see who broke up with who, who went in and out of rehab, or who is about to have a public nervous breakdown.

We love to see new stars rising up all the way to the top but we love more to see them fall out of grace.  Why is that?

There is this song by the singer Bebo Norman. A song he wrote to Britney Spears 4 years ago when she was going through a meltdown. In the song, he apologizes to Britney for the pain “we” caused. And for the lies we told, he says, “We took you in our arms and then left you cold” “Britney I’m sorry for this cruel, cruel world. We sell the beauty, but destroy the girl” This verse right here really touched me because it is so true. We watch them raise to fame and once they are broken by fame, we just stand aside and watch them fall. It’s as if we feel better about ourselves when we see them fall and brake.

The song continues saying: “Britney, I’m sorry for the stones we throw; we tear you down so we can watch the show.” Wow! This is exactly what’s happening with Miley Cyrus. Most of us feel better about ourselves when we watch her make a food of herself and when she does outrageous things or makes racy music videos. Instead of throwing the first stone, let’s stop for a minute and have compassion and love for these people. They live in an empty and cold world that all it does is make money off of them. Maybe there’s nothing we can do about it and this will continue to happen to a lot of young Hollywood stars. But what we can do is teach our young people to follow the example of great men and women. The first one is Jesus and He is the only one who can fulfill the emptiness in our hearts. Perhaps, none of us will have the opportunity to talk to Miley or Britney about the love of God, but let’s hope that somehow the message of hope gets to them and they can have a life full of purpose.

P.S. If you have a chance to listen to this song by Bebo Norman, please check it out on Youtube.

❤ Susie Q.