Meet The Team

They sat and listened as each intern went around the room introducing themselves and sharing about why they were interested and passionate about the arts, media & production. That internship soon became a three and a half year journey in which, Ambar, Susie, Beatriz and Cirene, have embarked on several fun, crazy, random projects and a lifelong friendship was developed.
Their passion for God, people and life, birthed the desire to create a community for young women to connect. A community where young women can learn from each other, grow in God’s Word and learn about their purpose, their worth and their true beauty; an Unfading Beauty, which is found in Christ.

“We come together to build and provide a platform for the Isha Community where we can talk about the issues of life, the purpose of life & the gift of life. Join us on this journey of Unfading Beauty.” Isha Executive Team


2 thoughts on “Meet The Team”

  1. im loving what you guys have done with the site, the purpose all of it… I like this picture too, very cool! best of blessing to you four!!!!

  2. Thank you very much! =) We appreciate your words and support.

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